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All About Stolons

WHAT ARE STOLONS?  Stolons are chopped sections of Tifgreen hybrid bermuda or El Toro Zoysia grass stems containing nodes. These nodes are capable of taking root and forming a new plant. (Contrary to the myth, hybrid bermuda grass clippings are not capable of generating new growth. Clippings are portions of the grass leaf and do not contain the node necessary for plant formation.)

WHEN WILL THEY BEGIN GROWING?  Under normal conditions, the first signs of growth from your OLD RIVER SOD stolons will take place during the first 10 days to two weeks.

HOW LONG WILL FULL COVERAGE TAKE?  A thick velvety green lawn can be expected in 60-90 days under normal conditions. Coverage speed will vary based on the number of stolons used, the average daily temperatures, the soil conditions (including competition from weeds) and the amount of water and fertilizer used.

HOW LONG CAN STOLONS LAST IN THE CARTON?  If kept cool or in a shady place, stolons will live approximately 48 hours without refrigeration. Soaking in cool water prolongs stolon life. If properly refrigerated stolons will remain healthy and viable 2-3 weeks.

HOW OFTEN SHOULD NEW STOLONS BE WATERED?  Once planted stolons should be watered within 20 minutes and then kept moist at all times for at least 10 days. Thereafter, watering frequency can be reduced. (Consult OLD RIVER SOD "Tifgreen Lawn Care Sheet")

WHEN DO I BEGIN MOWING MY STOLONS?  Weekly mowing should begin 3-4 weeks after installation to encourage lateral growth.

WHAT ABOUT WEEDS?  OLD RIVER SOD recommends that weeds be controlled prior to planting your stolons. An assessment of your potential weed problem should be made prior to disturbing the proposed planting area. This is important because certain weeds are best controlled while they are actively growing.--After planting your stolons, the initial watering and fertilizing may trigger the growth of weed seeds existing is your soil. Generally, most post-planting weed problems can be controlled by the low mowing of your OLD RIVER SOD Tifgreen. However, stubborn weeds may require hand-weeding or spot treatment with chemicals.

WHAT TOPDRESSING SHOULD BE USED?  After broadcasting your OLD RIVER SOD stolons, cover the stem pieces with 1/8" of a material that will hold moisture well during rooting time. You may use weed-free topsoil, compost, or peat moss. Steer manure is also used, but be sure it has been sterilized and does not introduce disease, salts or weed seeds into your planting area. Best of all use Kellogg's Topper®, it is specially formulated as a seed cover.

HOW DO I FIGURE HOW MANY STOLONS I WILL NEED?  Measure the area to be stolonized to the nearest whole number of feet. If large curved areas are involved, break them into smaller square areas for the sake of measuring. Multiply the number of feet of length, times the number of feet of width. The product of this calculation will give you the total number of square feet to cover. (EXAMPLE: 10 ft. x 50 ft. = 500 sq. ft.--cover this amount) One cubic foot of OLD RIVER SOD stolons contains enough material to plant an area of 200 - 250 sq. ft. For a standard rate of coverage we recommend 5 cu. ft. per 1000 sq. ft. of area. Planting at lighter rates will increase the amount of time needed to achieve full coverage and planting at heavier rates will shorten the time needed to achieve full coverage. If you don't like math call us and we can help you figure out how much you'll need.

HOW AND WHEN DO I ORDER MY STOLONS?  OLD RIVER SOD stolons can be installed anytime from March to October. Call or visit the farm to schedule your stolon delivery or pick-up. Remember, stolons are extremely perishable, so arrangements should be made to receive your stolons as close to planting time as practical.

OLD RIVER SOD is dedicated to providing you with quality plant material and a beautiful, green lawn. Please ask us for a free "How to Plant Stolons" sheet and follow our recommendations for rapid coverage.


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