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SOD Quality Seed

Why do I need sod quality seed?  When you look at a seed package there will be a label stating the percentages and quality of the seed. Most of the seed you'll find at home and garden retailers will contain .01% to .5% weed seed. That means there will be at least 1 weed for every 10,000 grass seeds. Now, how many seeds are in that package? A million? 10 million? You'll be pulling weeds for weeks.

I don't like pulling weeds!  We don't like pulling weeds either. We, as sod growers, are especially careful about weeds. We are also very careful about seed. The seed we use is 100% weed free. Our label says, "0.00% weed seed." Don't waste time pulling weeds, start with weed free seed.

We offer our beautiful Triathalawn Tall Fescue and perennial ryegrass overseed. Both are 100% weed free!  

Can I grow Tifgreen bermuda grass from seed?

How to Seed    How to Overseed


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