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How To Overseed

Old River Sod recommends that you overseed September through November to insure temperatures in which cool season grasses will germinate.

Scalp Tifgreen Hybrid Bermuda lawn using mower. Remove all grass clippings. 

Sow seed by hand or use a whirly type spreader. 


Rake in seed lightly to insure good contact with seedbed" 

Apply Kellogg's Topper® by hand or spreader. Make sure seeds are lightly covered. Using a roller over Topper is a nice extra but it is not essential 


Water keep Topper® dark with moisture until your seeds mature. The amount of time it takes the seed to grow varies widely with weather. 

Mowing should be done for the first time when grass blades are about 2 inches high. Make sure your mower blades are sharp and that your sod is dry enough that mower wheels will not slip or tear the young sod. 


Do I have to overseed to have a green lawn in the winter? Dye or Fescue

Note: Old River sod recommends the use of weed­free seed. This prevents the possibility of seeding weed seed into the lawn from winter grass seed. Check seed labels for weed seed content. Old River Sod does carry 100 % weed­free sod quality Fescue and Perennial Ryegrass seed.

Note: We do not recommend the use of Steer Manure. Steer Manure is high in salts and usually has a high content of weed seeds. A good sterilized organic compost such as Kellogg's Topper should be used.


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