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How To Place An Order 

Need to know How To Find Us?

Ordering Old River Sod is easy.

First decide on the type of grass you like. You can consult our how to choose pages for help or visit our farm to see the sod in person.

Second, figure out how large the area is that needs grass. See our How to Measure page for help. If you don’t want to bend your brain with the math, draw a detailed map, take lots of measurements and bring them to the farm. We can help you figure how much you need.

Third, call us!  Most people place their orders over the phone. Call 800-US-GRASS or 661-397-7611.  Call us 48 hours in advance so we can harvest your sod fresh the day of your delivery. You can stop by the farm to place your orders too. We take credit cards and personal checks. Try our online quote form to find out the cost of your new lawn. You may also want to check our delivery areas page to find out about free delivery.

The afternoon before your delivery we will call you and let you know the approximate delivery time. When your sod arrives our delivery driver will place the sod as close to the job as our equipment will allow.

Remember sod is a living thing and must be planted as soon as possible. It can only be left on the pallet for 24 hours.


For General Information please write to us at:


Need to know How To Find Us?

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