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How To Measure

Now it's time for our lesson in geometry. There will be a test! When you order your lawn you'll need to know how much sod to buy. Don't worry, this will be an open book test! If you get stuck, Old River Sod has real people who can help figure the amount you need. Call (805)397-7611 or in California 1-800-US-GRASS.

Old River Sod sells grass by the square foot. If you've figured your area in square yards, there are 9 Square feet in a square yard. Our sod comes in strips 15 inches wide and 48 inches long. These strips can be cut with sod knife.

Important: In the interest of providing all our customers with the finest sod possible, we can not accept returned sod. You wouldn't like it if part of your order had been sitting around somebody else's yard for a couple of days. Check your measurements carefully. If you order too much we can't take it back. Remember we can always cut more if you don't have enough.

Circles are easy to figure out. Take the radius (that's half the distance across the middle of the circle) and square it. If the circle is 10 feet across take half of that (5) and multiply it by its self. 

5 X 5 = 25
5² = 25

Now take that number and multiply it by that magic Greek thing called Pi or 3.14.

25 X 3.14 = 78.5

The area of a 10 foot diameter circle is 78.5 Square feet.

Circle's area = 3.14 X Radius²

Finding the area in a rectangle is simple. Multiply the short side by the long side. No fancy tricks, just length times width. If a rectangle was 3 feet wide and 5 feet long it would be 15 square feet.

3 X 5 = 15

Length X Width = Area

A rectangle's area = Short X Long
Right Triangles are kind of like rectangles with 1 extra trick. This only works with RIGHT triangles. That means that one corner has to be square (90°). Take the shortest side and multiply it by the medium length side. (You don't need to know the longest side.) Let's say it is 4 feet on the short side and 6 on the long.

4 X 6 = 24

The area of the triangle is half of that.

24 ÷ 2 = 12

A triangle's area = (Short X Medium) ÷ 2
If your triangle isn't right (square) you've got to do twice the work! To find the area of an irregular triangle cut it into two pieces. Start at the corner opposite the longest side. Go straight towards the long side, making two triangles. Two RIGHT triangles. Now find the area for each one of the little triangles. Add them together to get the area of the weird triangle.

For irregular triangles make two right triangles.
Now we're ready to tackle the big one, the goofy shape most yards really are. Draw a map of the area to be sodded. Take lots of measurements. Now use these simple figures to cover your map. Add them all together to get the area of your lawn. If you have an area to be left without grass out in the middle of the lawn (a pool or deck) find its area the same way and subtract it from you total.

Circle + Rectangle + Triangle - Pool = LAWN

Remember we're here to help. If you bring you map to us we can help figure out how much grass you need to order. Call (805)397-7611 or in California 1-800-US-GRASS.

Now let's put our geometry to work!

So now that I know how big my lawn is, how much will it cost?
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