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Kellogg Products

Old River Sod is proud to offer Kellogg soil amendment products. 


A fully composted blend of wood fibers and 
Nitrohumus. Moisture-holding capacity insures 
faster, more complete seed germination. 
An ideal steer manure replacement because it's 
weed free and very low in salts. Available in 
2-cubic-foot bags.


Ammonium Phosphate

A quickly-available source of ammoniacal 
nitrogen and phosphoric acid, commonly 
used for rapid growth and as a pre-plant for 
sod lawns. Available in 8.8- and 20-pound bags.




A composted blend of rice hulls and Nitrohumus, 
fortified with mineral acidifiers and iron. The 
perfect planting mix for vegetables and flowers. 
Because rice hulls last long in the soil, Amend 
is preferred for heavy soils. Available in 
2-cubic-foot bags.

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