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How To Seed

How to Install Old River Sod's Weed Free, Sod Quality Seed.

Old River sod offers the same seed we use to grow our beautiful TriathaLawn Tall Fescue for your use. This low cost alternative allows you to grow your own beautiful TriathaLawn!

SOIL PREPARATION - Remove all existing weeds and debris from area. In poor soils, amendments and sterilization may be necessary Rototill or loosen soil to a depth of 4" to 6" 

GRADE - Rake area lightly to break-up clods. Grade area so no low spots exist to accumulate water, be sure you have established proper drainage away from house. Roll area lightly and fine grade to a smooth surface. Allow ½" below walks. 

SOW THE SEED - You can sow the seed by hand (be careful to get even coverage) or you can use a whirly type spreader. 

COVER SEED with Kellogg's Topper®. The seed will need to be kept warm and moist until it has established a root system. Cover the seed with about 1/8" of Topper®. 

IRRIGATION - Your new seed will need to be watered 2 or 3 times a day (more when it's hot). Don't water to the point of causing run off or puddles, this will wash the seed away. Keep the topper dark with moisture. 

MOWING - Once you new lawn is established, usually in 2 weeks, begin an irrigation program to achieve water penetration. Mowing should begin 3 or 4 week after the seed germinates. Be sure the mower is very sharp for the first few mowings. 

As always the Old River Sod Team can help with friendly advice and top quality lawn care products.

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