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El Toro Zoysia 

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El Toro Zoysia, a cultivar of a japonica type zoysiagrass, was developed by Dr. Victor B. Younger at UC Riverside and is a patented variety available only through authorized and licensed growers. This popular new patented variety offers the best of warm season and cool season grasses. El Toro presents a medium coarse texture without seed heads and forms a carpetlike turf similar to bluegrasses and fescues. It can withstand heavy foot traffic and thrives in hot temperatures. This remarkable grass is resistant to most diseases, tolerant of most soil types, uses less water and require fewer mowings than other grasses. El Toro can be maintained at a mowing height of 1 - 2 inches and can be mowed with either a rotary or reel type mower. During winter dormancy, mowing and fertilizing are not necessary. For winter color El Toro can be over seeded with ryegrass or fescue. El Toro can be planted as sod or stolons.

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