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Delivery Areas

Click on the city nearest you to see the minimum order for your area. If you purchase the minimum your delivery will be FREE!  If your area is off the map, please contact us for special arrangements. We can deliver to all of California, Nevada and most of Arizona. You can always pick up you order at the farm if you want to avoid the delivery charge. Stolons can be shipped via UPS anywhere in California.




Delivery Tips

When your sod arrives it will be forklift unloaded and placed as close to your job as our equipment will permit.

Please keep in mind that a forklift with a full pallet of sod weighs about 10,000 pounds. That's 4 times as much as a car! If your driveway is fairly new it may crack under this weight. If we drive across a lawn, it will leave ruts.

Our forklift is 8 feet wide. To access a back yard your gate needs to be over 8 feet wide. The forklift is 11 feet tall. It will not fit under and average carport. The forklift is very maneuverable and can turn in its own length. It can operate on grades as steep as 30%.

When you place your order you can request morning or afternoon delivery. The day before your delivery we will call you with your delivery time.

Once your sod is delivered install it as soon as possible. See How To Install Sod